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  1. Pwned: How Often Are Americans' Online Accounts Breached?
    With Ken Cor. arXiv.org
    SUPP. MATERIALS: Replication Materials

  2. The Micro-Task Market for "Lemons": Collecting Data on Amazon's Mechanical Turk
    With Doug Ahler and Carrie Roush

  3. Street Sense: Learning from Google Street View
    With Suriyan Laohaprapanon and Kimberly Ortleb. arXiv.org
    SUPP. MATERIALS: Replication Materials

  4. Predicting Race and Ethnicity From Sequence of Characters in a Name
    With Suriyan Laohaprapanon. arXiv.org
    RELATED: Python Package for implementing the method.

  5. Fairly Random: Impact of Winning the Toss on the Probability of Winning
    With Derek Willis. arXiv.org
    SUPP. MATERIALS: Scripts and Data
    PRESS: ESPNCricinfo

  6. By the Numbers: Toward More Precise Numerical Summaries of Results
    With Andrew Guess. The Political Methodologist. 24(1): 2016
    SUPP. MATERIALS: Scripts and Data

  7. Propagation of Error: Approving Citations to Problematic Research
    With Ken Cor.
    SUPP. MATERIALS: Data and Scripts
    RELATED: Web application for highligting citations to retracted articles in bibliographies.

  8. Reviewing the Peer Review

  9. The Face of Crime in Prime Time: Evidence from Law and Order
    With Daniel Trielli. Invited to Revise and Resubmit by Plos One.
    SUPP. MATERIALS: Data and Scripts
    PRESS: The Washington Post

  10. Guessing and Forgetting: A Latent Class Model for Measuring Learning
    With Ken Cor. Political Analysis. 24(2): 226–242, 2016.
    SUPP. MATERIALS: Replication Materials
    REVIEW: '... a real contribution to the literature.' — Ed Haertel
    RELATED: R Package for implementing the method.

  11. Measuring Learning in Informative Processes
    With Robert Luskin and Ariel Helfer.

  12. The Review: Production and Consumption of APSR Articles
    SUPP. MATERIALS: Data and Scripts

  13. The Hostile Audience: The Effect of Access to Broadband Internet on Partisan Affect
    With Yphtach Lelkes and Shanto Iyengar. American Journal of Political Science. 61(1): 5–20, 2017.
    SUPP. MATERIALS: Replication Materials
    PRESS: The Guardian

  14. Follow Your Ideology: A Measure of Ideological Location of Media Sources
    With Pablo Barberá.

  15. What Drives Demand for Media Slant?
    With Marcel Garz, Daniel Stone, and Justin Wallace.

  16. Don't Expose Yourself: Discretionary Exposure to Political Information
    With Yphtach Lelkes. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. 2018.
    SUPP. MATERIALS: Replication Materials
    RELATED: Categorizing the Content of Domains, Measuring Selective Exposure, The Fairest of All

  17. You Cannot be Serious: The Impact of Accuracy Incentives on Partisan Bias
    With Markus Prior and Kabir Khanna. Quarterly Journal of Political Science. 10(4), 489–518, 2015.
    SUPP. MATERIALS: Online Appendix; Replication Materials
    PRESS: Washington Monthly, Pacific Standard, The New York Times
    RELATED: Partisan Gaps in Retrospection are Highly Variable; Blog Post

  18. Motivated Responding in Studies of Factual Learning
    With Kabir Khanna. Political Behavior. 40(1): 79–101, 2018.
    SUPP. MATERIALS: Replication Materials
    RELATED: Blog Summarizing the Paper, The Innumerate American

  19. The Waters of Casablanca: On Political Misinformation
    With Robert Luskin.

  20. Misinformation About Misinformation: Of Headlines and Survey Design
    With Robert Luskin, Yul Min Park, and Joshua Blank.

  21. Misinformed About the Affordable Care Act? Leveraging Certainty to Assess the Prevalence of Misinformation
    With Josh Pasek and Jon Krosnick. Journal of Communication. 65(4): 660–673, 2015
    SUPP. MATERIALS: Supporting Information

  22. Americans' Attitudes Toward The Affordable Care Act: Would Better Public Understanding Increase or Decrease Favorability?
    With Wendy Gross, Tobias Stark, Jon Krosnick, Josh Pasek, Trevor Thompson, Jennifer Agiesta, and Dennis Junius.
    PRESS: Forbes, Pacific Standard, The Dish, among other outlets.

  23. The Parties in our Heads: Misperceptions About Party Composition and Their Consequences
    With Doug Ahler. The Journal of Politics. 80(3), 964–981, 2018.
    SUPP. MATERIALS: Replication Materials
    RELATED: The Partisans in our Heads | Data and Scripts
    REVIEW: 'This is the most important paper I've read in a while' — Gabe Lenz
    PRESS: FiveThirtyEight, Vox, The Washington Post, The Washington Post (2), Christian Science Monitor, The Hill
    OTHER: Most read article in the last 12 months on the JoP site.

  24. Measuring Perceptions of Numerical Strength of Salient and Stereotypical Groups
    With Doug Ahler. Misinformation and Mass Audiences. 2018. University of Texas Press.
    SUPP. MATERIALS: Appendix

  25. All in the Eye of the Beholder: Partisan Affect and Ideological Accountability
    With Shanto Iyengar. Declined invitation to Revise and Resubmit by Political Science Research Methods.
    In The Feeling, Thinking Citizen: Essays in Honor of Milton Lodge. 2018.
    SUPP. MATERIALS: Replication Materials
    RELATED: Still Close: Perceived Ideological Distance to Own and Main Opposing Party, 2012 Blog Post
    PRESS: The New York Times

  26. Affect, Not Ideology: A Social Identity Perspective on Polarization
    With Shanto Iyengar and Yphtach Lelkes. Public Opinion Quarterly. 76(3), 405–431, 2012.
    RELATED: Sort of Sorted But Definitely Cold, The Order of Feelings, Affectively Polarized?, Party Time
    PRESS: The New York Times, The Washington Post, Mother Jones, Vox, etc.

  27. Coming to Dislike Your Opponents: The Polarizing Impact of Political Campaigns
    With Shanto Iyengar.

  28. What Would Dahl Say? An Appraisal of the Democratic Credentials of the Deliberative Polls and Other Mini-publics
    With Ian O'Flynn. Deliberative Mini-Publics. 41–58, 2014. ECPR Press.

  29. How Can You Think That?: Deliberation and the Learning of Opposing Arguments

  30. Deliberative Distortions? Homogenization, Polarization, and Domination in Small Group Deliberations
    With Robert Luskin, Kyu Hahn, and James Fishkin. Invited to Revise and Resubmit to The British Journal of Political Science.

  31. What Future for Kirkuk?
    With Ian O'Flynn, Jalal Mistaffa, and Nahwi Saeed

  32. Domain Knowledge: Predicting the Kind of Content Hosted by a Domain
    With Suriyan Laohaprapanon